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Teambuilding Excalibur, Plovdiv

Teambuilding has become one of the most commonly used corporate events in the last few years. Every self-respecting company and its staff has started to pay attention to the climate and good relationships in the team, which is no secret – it is a hidden weapon for good results. For several years now, a successful and memorable form of teambuilding in Bulgaria has been bowling.

Team bowling involves not just throwing balls at skittles, but is a organized in the form of a competition.

The competition has qualifying games, semi-final and final matches, eliminations and tied situations where the results of the applicants are equal. The regulations and how the teambuilding is conducted is specified in advance with the organizers. Additional extras are offered: cup, cocktails/drinks, hotel accommodation, special music layout and more. During team building, the participants are given a level playing field and a qualified instructor who guides the race-winning competitors.

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