The first bowling alley in the city of Plovdiv has eight runways, two of which are adapted for children. The facility was opened in October 2003.
For the past years, the bowling center has become a favorite place for Plovdiv residents and guests of the city, because it combines fun with a pleasant pastime.


Ethical rules in a bowling game

To make the bowling game more enjoyable:
⦁ Be ready to hit when the pins are installed. Do not throw the ball until the pinsetter has completed its cycle and the paddle has not raised. Otherwise, you could damage the ball or the machine.
⦁ Do not use a foreign ball without the permission of the owner.
⦁ Do not delay too long when you are on the driveway.
⦁ Stay on your reinforcement lane as you roll the ball and immediately afterwards. Return to the waiting seat after each throw is complete.
⦁ Follow the rule – The player to your right is allowed to start first if you both step on the reinforcement lane at the same time. Stay outside the reinforcement lane while you wait.
⦁ Good play requires good concentration. Players should always bear in mind that when others are preparing to hit, sharp movements or noise would prevent their concentration. When another player is preparing to strike, do not interfere with his strike, as you would not want to be prevented when it is your turn.
⦁ Throwing the ball from too high a pitch would damage your game and also the track.
⦁ Refrain from vulgar language and obscene gestures.
⦁ Play the game to win it, but be a worthy loser.
⦁ Congratulate the opposing players on a successful strike and encourage them when they make a mistake.
⦁ Remember that fairplay is always the key to a successful game.

Bowling Rules

Aim of the game!
Where should you stand?
How to choose the right ball? How heavy is it and how is it handled?

The goal of the game is the high score, and it is achieved by breaking as many pins as possible.
Reinforcement begins at 2.5-3.0 meters from the Fall Line. You should stand in the middle of the runway or slightly to the right. Take 4 ½ normal steps by walking slowly. The left leg should be 10-15 cm ahead of the right leg. Take a straight line in the direction of the pins, after throwing the ball you need to maintain balance.
Most bowling balls have three holes – for the thumb and both middle fingers. The balls are made of different materials – rubber, plastic, urethane or a combination of them. The unit of measure for the weight of a bowling ball is a libra. One liter corresponds to 453 grams. The smallest ball size is 6 liters / ie. 2,718 kg /, and the heaviest is 16 lbs / ie. 7.248 kg /. The most commonly used balls have a diameter of 21.6 cm. The choice of a ball for play is very important, determining the size of the holes for the fingers and gills.
The ball is held with both hands. The thumb and both middle fingers enter the holes of the ball. The other two fingers surround the ball. The elbows should rest against the body and the knees and shoulders should look forward. It is advisable to bend your knees slightly.
The bowling balls are 10. They are arranged in a triangle. The front skull is called the main skull or skull no. 1. The rest are numbered from 2 to 10. The length of the skiff is 38.1 cm, the width is 12.065 cm, and the weight is 1.531 kg to 1.644 kg.
To achieve good results, it is imperative that you play with bowling shoes with special soles that help to slip better as you step up.

Steps in bowling!
How to strike?
How is Spear aiming?

Before throwing the ball, find the right place to stand and aim carefully. Slowly take a straight line forward to the pins. If straight skittles remain after your stroke, try again with the next stroke.


First step: PUSHWAY
The first step is made with the right foot. At the same time, you must push the ball forward and down.

Second step: SWING
When taking the second step, you have to pull the ball down and back and at the same time take your left hand sideways to balance the body.

Third step: BACKSWING
On the third step, do not bend your knees. You should take the ball as far behind your back as possible, bending slightly at the waist, leaning slightly forward.

Once the ball crosses the front leg that has slid, release it so that it should erupt from the arm and the shoulder and arm should follow the direction of the ball.
When throwing the ball, do not open the hand, leave the fingers bent and the hand to continue its upward movement to the head. In the meantime, take your left hand away to keep your balance. The knees and shoulders should look forward to the pins.
To strike the pins left of the first pillar, you must stand in the same position as the strike and point the ball to the first pillar on the left.
To hit the pins left to the right of the first pillar, you need to stand on the left side of the track and point the ball to the right of the first pillar.


Each bowling game consists of 10 frames / double hits /.
If you tear down all the pins on the first strike, the strike remains single. If you make SPARE / on the tenth frame, you are entitled to one more blow. If you make a strike in the tenth frame, you will be eligible for two additional hits.

⦁ number of skittles dropped on first strike
⦁ the number of pins that fell on the second stroke
⦁ total sum of broken skittles in the frame
/ the computer calculates the result automatically /

– when you knock down all the pins with the first punch, you strike. It is followed by a new frame. The strike brings you 10 points + the sum of the pushed pins in the next two strokes. It is marked with an “X”.
/ we wish it to everyone /

– if you push all the pins with two consecutive shots from the frame, you have SPEED. It is marked with a slash “/” and you get 10 points + the sum of points from the next stroke.
/ not as good as the strike, but not so bad /

– if you fail to remove all skittles in the two hits from the frame, this is ERROR – “error” or “hole”. It is marked with a “-“. Only the number of pins struck is added to the total previous result.
/ ERROR is just a blow – not you, but it can happen to anyone /

– If two or more pins are left after the first stroke, separated from each other, then you have SPLIT. It is marked with a bounding sign, and to the total sum is added the number of pushed pins on both shots in the frame.
/ unlike Black Jack you always win here /

– If you hit the foul line at the start of the runway, you made a Fall. Your stroke is canceled and you get no points. It is marked with an “F”.
/ next time you need to step up further /

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